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Curtis Craddock

-Writer of wrongs. Vile punster. Radical believer in true things. Science Nerd-

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Book Alchemy Masques Mirrors Musketeer Princess

An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors: Tor  (2017)

In a world of soaring continents and bottomless skies, where a burgeoning new science lifts skyships into the cloud-strewn heights, and ancient blood-borne sorceries cling to a fading glory, Princess Isabelle des Zephyrs is about to be married to a man she has barely heard of, the second son of a dying king in an empire collapsing into civil war.

Born without the sorcery that is her birthright but with a perspicacious intellect, Isabelle believes her marriage will stave off disastrous conflict and bring her opportunity and influence. But the last two women betrothed to this prince were murdered, and a sorcerer-assassin is bent on making Isabelle the third. Aided and defended by her loyal musketeer, Jean-Claude, Isabelle plunges into a great maze of prophecy, intrigue, and betrayal, where everyone wears masks of glamour and lies. Step by dangerous step, she unravels the lies of her enemies and discovers a truth more perilous than any deception.


"A gripping tale of a woman who refuses to be defined by her physical and magical limitations, thwarting both assassins and all who see her as a pawn. A great read!"

--Brandon Sanderson

"Curtis Craddock's debut is a grand tale of intrigue, adventure, and gas-lamp fantasy in the tradition of Alexander Dumas."

-- Charles Stross

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