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Happy Bookday: The Last Uncharted Sky

Hello Everyone,

It's my great pleasure to present to you the Last Uncharted Sky, the ultimate book in the Risen Kingdoms Series.  Princess Isabelle has become Capitaine of a Skyship in the imperial navy. Together with her faithful mentor Jean-Claude, the dashing shape shifter Major Bitterlich, and her steadfast bodyguard Marie , she sets off on a perilous journey to an impossible destination at the very top of the world.  In a race against time Isabelle must solve deadly mysteries, dance through delicate political intrigues, and survive the onslaught of horrific and progressive hallucinations that threaten to shatter her brilliant mind to stop a sorcerous fanatic intent on nothing less than the annihilation of all creation. 

I do hope you will join me on this journey of wit and wisdom, adventure and excitement, found family and family found.

Innumerable thanks go to Susan Smith, Carol Berg, Brian Tobias, Brian Winstead, Courtney Schafer, and Saytchyn-Maddux Creech, without whose good and abundant advice this book would not have become half of what it is. Special thanks to auntie editor Diana Pho, for all her invaluable insight, and Chris Morgan for taking me on. Thanks to Caitlin Blasdell for her skillful work and dedication.

Happy Reading to you all

--Curtis Craddock

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