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Always Starting Over

It’s been a while since I had a functioning website. So I’m starting again, again.

Not that I mind.

The funny thing is, Starting over is something writers do all the time. Did your last story fail, its promise crumbling to dust? Well, you have to start over.

What about if your last story was a wild and unprecedented success? You still have to start over on the next one. Indeed, unless you writing career consists of one long, unbroken, run on stream of consciousness, run on sentence you’re going to have to quit at some point and start over.

Words don’t really have any momentum to them. Don’t get me wrong; they can cause moving experiences, elicit strong emotions, and provoke deep thoughts but the words themselves are more like catalysts than reagents, unchanged by the

reactions they cause. Incidentally, this makes writers more like mad scientists, carefully orchestrating a series of chemical cascades will have their readers happily hallucinating for hours on end.

And then you start again.

So welcome to the beginning.


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