Map Reveal!

sanaugustusmapHere is the map of the major location in an Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors.  The city of San Augustus is the capital of the Kingdom of Aragoth. The city is built around a great sky harbor.  Freed from Skaladin occupation only a generation ago, it contains a blend of native and foreign architecture. Massive stone houses with red tiled roofs are interspersed it tall slender towers wrapped in geometric mosaics.

The city’s terraced layers lead up from the city’s shipping and industrial centers through market districts dotted with Temple  compounds and a ringed with worker’s tenements. On the highest tier sprawls the the vast royal citadel.

With the recent conquest and exploitation of the Craton Riqueza, San Augustus has become the busiest port in the world. It is the home base of the invincible Aragothic Armada, and the location of the famous Navel Orrery.

Princess Isabelle des Zephyrs

IsabelleVeiledSketch01Princess Isabelle des Zephyrs is the main character of my forthcoming novel, An Alchemy of Masques of Mirrors.  She’s first cousin once removed to the king, and a brilliant polymath who would like very much to get on with solving the deep questionf of the universe… if only people would stop trying to assassinate her.

The Monastery at Fartower

SkyshipSkylandI did this digital painting as an exercise in design for the Risen Kingdoms.  On the world of Ceil , the Temple of Enlightenment keeps caches of quondam artifacts in secure repositories in the deep sky. Fartower is one such repository.  The collection of arcane and dangerous items left over from before the breaking of the world is watched over by the Brotherhood of Silence.

Yellow is the temple’s color , and I imagine this ship is a tender that keeps the monastery supplied with provender.  The greenish layer in the lower sky is called the Miasma and is the source of plagues and other diseases.